The Anesthesiologist’s Bill

The anesthesiologist is a medical professional who, like the surgeon, will generate a bill for professional services related to the surgery. The bill is separate from the hospital charges or surgeon’s fees.

Professional services for anesthesia include patient evaluation, assessment and planning for the anesthetic, as well as care before, during, and after your procedure.

Charges for anesthesia medications and supplies may appear on an itemized bill from your facility. These are separate from the anesthesiologist’s professional charges. They are generated and collected by the facility.

Insurance Coverage for the Anesthesiology Fee

Health insurance policies will usually pay for all or part of the anesthesiology fees. However, insurance companies and their policies vary greatly in the amount of coverage provided. Some insurance companies will pay the fee in full.  Often there may be a balance the patient is responsible for dependent upon your benefit policy or there may be a co-pay which is the patient’s responsibility. Sometimes, the insurance company will only pay once a deductible has been met.

A few plans consider C.A.S. an “out-of-network” provider. These plans still typically pay a portion of the bill. This payment is sometimes paid directly to the subscriber with the subscriber ultimately responsible for paying the charges

Medicare will usually pay for 80% of all covered services. You will be charged the remaining 20%. If you have secondary coverage some of this additional amount may be covered.

Please Help Us File Your Claim

As a courtesy, we will file the claim for you. In order to do this we must have your correct insurance information. Most of this information is on the admission registration information. Please make sure this information is accurate and up-to-date.

 A.B.C. – Our Billing Company

C.A.S. works closely with Anesthesia Business Consultants (A.B.C.).  A.B.C. is recognized as a national leader in the areas of anesthesia billing and compliance.

A.B.C. can provide information regarding whether or not the insurance companies will cover all or a portion of your bill.

If you have any questions or problems with your bill please contact A.B.C.

Billing Office Address
Anesthesia Business Consultants, LLC
255 W. Michigan Ave.
Jackson, MI 49204-1123
Local: 517-787-6440
Toll Free: 877-222-4217
Fax: 517-787-7203
Web site:

Billing for Cosmetic Surgery

Anesthesia for cosmetic surgery cannot typically be billed to your health insurance carrier.  Your plastic surgeon’s office will be able to help estimate what your anesthesia fee will be, but if the actual surgery takes longer than planned, your fee may be higher than originally estimated.  On the day of surgery, you will need to present a credit card for payment and possible over time charges.  We accept VISA, MC and Amex.  If you have any questions regarding cosmetic surgery billing, please contact the Department of Anesthesiology Office Manager at (202) 243-2280.